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Arithmós Project: Transforming children’s maths education through digital games

Lead Institution: University College Dublin

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Maths anxiety (MA) has a negative impact on maths learning and maths achievement. The Arithmós project aims to address this issue using a multi-faceted approach involving children, families, teachers, and policymakers. We have developed 1) the cartoon video for families and children to raise awareness of MA, and 2) a workshop to support the teacher’s management of MA in the classroom. Both deliverables were presented at the participating schools within the project and at national and international scientific events. Moreover, we have 3) augmented an awarded digital game with MA-aware features. To test its effects on cognitive and emotional aspects of maths learning, 4) we assessed 416 boys and girls, enrolled in 3rd and 4th classes from 5 schools located in Dublin. Outcomes are shown in 5) scientific articles under review, and 5) a published policy paper. Moreover, 6) two academic MSc theses were carried out under the Arithmós Project. Currently, we are elaborating a 6) Report with the key findings of the study and organising an event dedicated to engaging policymakers in this discussion. In conclusion, the Arithmós project successfully implemented a multi-layered and innovative initiative that has significantly benefited social, scientific, and academic spheres in Ireland.